Amada Laser - power and size

Amada Laser - power and size

The newly installed laser Amada LC-F1 NT enables the processing of materials up to 2000 x 4000 mm and thickness 20 mm.

Area HKD Rokytnice
Area HKD Rokytnice

Production Programme

Our company utilizes modern technologies for metal goods production in new production areas.
The main production programme consists of a jobbing production of structural steel plate members, specifically machine tools, housings and guards such as complete integral guards, steel cubicles, control desks, monitor boxes, spindle guards, cooling liquid tanks and other steel plate products and weldments according to the customer’s order.

The surface of the products is coated with a phosphate layer and subsequently sprayed by powdered plastic or a liquid paint coloured according to RAL colour card with the possibility of making a structural surface./p>

Additional production includes:
  • travelling wheels and sheaves for industry and health service
  • rope eye rings
  • small gardening tools
  • hand sieves for homes and industry
  • screw anchors
  • home electric corn grinders
  • custom metal working by the means of a classical technology – milling, lathe-turning, drilling, grinding
  • tools and jigs for metal goods production including pressing tools for eccentric presses
Our Technological Equipment:

Material Partition

  • Laser cutting automatic machine AMADA LC 1212 α II 1500 W
    • desk dimensions: 2500 × 1250 mm
    • thickness of cut material: steel plates max. 10 mm, rustfree plates max. 4 mm
  • Hydraulic table shears AMADA
    • thickness of cut material: up to 6 mm
    • working length: 3000 mm
  • Band sawing machines
    • diameter of cut material: max. 150 mm
  • Slitting saws
    • diameter of cut material according to the used disc

Material forming

  • CNC hydraulic power brakes HACO and AMADA
    • working power: 1350 kN
    • working length: 3100 mm
  • Sheet four-roll bending machine MG
    • thickness of bended plates: up to 10 mm
    • working length: 2000 mm
  • Profile material twisting machine
  • Hydraulic sheet-bending machine
    • thickness of bended plates: max. 6 mm
    • working length: 2000 mm
  • Eccentric presses
    • working power: 100 – 2500 kN

Carbon Steel Welding

  • mixed-gas shielded arc welding
  • coated electrode arc welding
  • oxyacetylene welding
  • spot welding

Conventional Metal Working

  • lathes – maximal diameter of a workpiece 350 mm, length 1000 mm
  • vertical, horizontal and tool milling machines + milling head (stroke max. 70 mm), desk dimensions 600 × 300 mm
  • surface grinding machines &ndash desks 300 × 500 mm
  • drum sanders &ndash maximal diameter of a workpiece 200 mm, lengths 500 mm
  • pedestal drilling machines – spindle Morse cone 4
  • band sawing machines – diameter of cut material max. 150 mm


  • powder plastic paint shop – maximal of products 1600 × 1000 × 2200 mm
  • liquid paints paint shop – spray booth dimensions 5 × 7 m
  • electroplating, blackening – cooperation
  • zink dipping – cooperation

Modern CAD system is used for designing 3D models, drawings and compositions

  • required product changes are operatively recorded into the production documentation